The Story Behind The Smoker “ALTA”

We believe that every Smoker should have a name, as business grew we have added a second smoker to the table named “ALTA,” our custom built, 8 foot, 1500 lb reverse flow smoker that sits nicely on our trailer.  Alta Lake is where Farmacy Founders Chef Josh and Chas lived when they met in Whistler and is where Chef trained with celebrity farm to table Chefs.

What is a Reverse Flow Smoker?

A reverse flow smoker is simply a type of offset smoker that incorporates an additional metal plate. This acts to protect the meat from intense heat while directing the smoke under and then back over the meat before venting through the chimney.

Why Kitchen Farmacy Chose A Reverse Flow Smoker?

Some of the advantages you can expect from cooking on a reverse flow smoker include:

  • More even smoke distribution to thoroughly infiltrate a smoky flavour in the meat
  • More even heat distribution throughout the barbecue to prevent the need to turn the meat during cooking
  • Less prone to temperature spikes after adding more fuel to the fire
  • Faster return to cooking temperature after opening the cooking chamber door
  • Improved flavor and moisture as the fat renders out of the meat, sears on the griddle pan and filters through the cooking chamber
  • Elimination of the need for a separate water and grease tray

Alta the Smoker is routinely put in to service as we work to incorporate wood smoke in many of our dishes. 

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