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So Many Amazing Meals

Four Plans That Will Impress Every Tastebud

Meat & Veg

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Plant Based

How It Works

A Chef Guided Experience

When every dish is this amazing its hard to choose. Our meal plans allow you to experience a variety of flavours, and keep things fresh. You have the head chef and team crafting your entire weekly meal experience. Does it get any better!

Step 1: The Plan

Choose the plan that matches your family, lifestyle or taste

Step 2: The People

Select the number of people you plan to feed

Step 3: The Meals

Choose the number of meals you would like delivered each week

Is a meal plan right for

me, my family or,

my loved ones?

Our meal plans are made for busy families that want to enjoy spectacular food without all the shopping, preparation, cooking, cleaning and headaches!

We know you love the dishes Chef Josh and his team prepares, we hear your comments and feel the love you send us every month. Now the team wants to provide you with a hassle-free meal experience and guide you on a flavour tour of the kitchen creations!

Busy Families
  • Career Moms & Dads
  • New Families
  • Single Parents
  • New Borns
  • More Family Time
  • Creative Creations
  • Surpise Flavours
  • Talented Chef
  • Sensory Experience
  • Inspired Dishes
  • Nutritional Meals
  • Easy Preparation
  • Food Variety
  • Family Support
  • Sharing the Love
Because You Love Food
  • Weekly Family Dinners
  • Easy Health Meals
  • Movies Nights
  • Date Nights
  • And More…

Chef Josh and team will pick from a selection of vibrant classics and new creations every week

What’s Included in a Meal

The meals are well balanced and include a protein, starch and or/salad.

Entrées vary based on the plan choice you select. We provide a gourmet experience that covers a wide range of dietary choices and personal taste. We have a menu selection for everyone.

Plan Choices

Weekly Subscription

You can expect a new dining experience every week, no fuss, no hassle. Choose to have your orders arrive on Tuesday or Friday. A pick-up option is also available. Directly from our farm to your table.

Delivery or Pick-Up on Tuesday and Friday

Meat & Veg


Lighter Choices




Plant Based


Beautifully Balanced Plans For All Lifestyles