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As we age, we begin to think about living longer, and an essential element to making a lengthened life possible is nutritious meals.  Like everyone else, seniors love food but don’t want to sacrifice taste for nutrition. With Kitchen Farmacy you don’t have to. It is well known that eating healthy can reduce chronic illness and in general just help us maintain good health.  Seniors can eat right with a food deliveries from our healthy menu.  

Prepared Meals Provide So Much More Than Food

When seniors don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to create nutritionally rounded meals, a great way for them to eat healthy is to rely instead on meal delivery services.  The reality is food planning, shopping and preparation is a process of several energy consuming tasks.  All this time can be saved and replaced with a simple reheating of a delicious well rounded meal that was delivered to the door.  Meal deliveries allow seniors to eat balanced meals, instead of the nutrient deprived frozen dinners and fast foods seniors often consume for convenience.  The added nutrition can help maintain muscle mass and in turn increase strength.  In the long run, consuming healthy meals result in a higher quality of life.


Taste The Culinary Passion

Well prepared food is like a celebration of the bounty the earth has to offer and adds to one’s quality of life.  Eating foods that are appealing to seniors is just as important as eating foods that are healthy.  Kitchen Farmacy’s menu is prepared by a top notch chef with a selection to choose from that ensures seniors are sure to find something that pleases their pallet. Often seniors do not eat enough, simply because they lack interest in eating, or because they are not exposed to foods they find attractive.  Kitchen Farmacy meals use a wide variety of spices and aromas.  Our food is rich in colour and texture.  We do everything we can to encourage seniors appetites.



Let’s Discuss Dietary Needs

Having dietary concerns is not an issue when you get your meals prepped by Kitchen Farmacy.  Many seniors have existing conditions that restrict what they are able to eat.  Often they do not not know how to work around these restrictions when cooking.  We do.  You can contact us directly to discuss your dietary concerns so we can prepare meals that are tailored to your health care requirements.  We will do everything we can to deliver food your health provider would approve of.


Kitchen Farmacy provides healthy, convenient, easy to prepare foods that are sure to leave seniors satisfied, and everyone else for that matter.

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