Farm to Table

Farm to table means using what is in season. Our menu changes weekly based on what is growing in the farmers’ fields and available for harvest. We have preferred farmers for every ingredient we select for vegetables, fish, beef, pork, chicken. We have developed strong relationships and friendships with our local farming community to ensure we provide the best possible products for our customers.

Supporting local is not just a passion, but our way of life; why buy imported food from abroad when we have incredible, natural and organic ingredients right here in our backyard?

Feel good knowing that everything you are eating from Kitchen Farmacy has been hand-picked in the Kawarthas and consciously prepared based on today’s season and harvest.

There are four ways you can order from Kitchen Farmacy to suit your individual needs.


Party Packs

If you’re feeding a group of 10 or more, choose from our selection of Party Packs which are delivered to you so you can heat and serve on the day of your event.


Meal Delivery

Our weekly menus are posted on Tuesday’s and you can choose to have your meal delivered on the following Tuesday or Friday (or both days!)  Orders can be placed from the menu until items are sold out or 5:00 p.m. the day before the delivery day. Order as much or as little as you wish, as often as you like. Generally meals will last up to three days in the fridge or can be frozen and reheated later.

Membership – COMING SOON. Our Kitchen Farmacy Family will have the opportunity to order a month in advance and will get additional perks that celebrate local food. Interested in learning more when we launch?