(Frozen) Mushroom & Almond Ravioli Alfredo (SERVES 2)

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Ravioli: Mushroom & Almond ravioli in a Creamy Aged Bri & Fresh Garlic Sauce

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*This dish Includes the Ravioli & Sauce

  • A great versatile dish, not just a pasta sauce using local fresh garlic!
  • Luxuriously creamy-tasting and incredibly a northern style Italian dish
  • Rich and comforting, this makes for a perfect family meal all year around

Try it with:

  • Rustic bread and salad for a speedy supper.
  • Our Ceasar salad as a side


2 reviews for (Frozen) Mushroom & Almond Ravioli Alfredo (SERVES 2)

  1. Lynne (verified owner)

    This is delicious! So flavorful. The pasta is excellent. If you like mushrooms, you will enjoy this dish. We will order again.

  2. Debra Cooper Burger (verified owner)

    Love it! and will definitely order again but would like a bit more sauce.

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