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Farm to Table

At Kitchen Farmacy we know eating local is where things are at right now.  In fact it is a big part of why our business exists. For Kitchen Farmacy, farm to table food has always been a passion. All the food we deliver is straight from our farm and the local community.  We believe that eating local is a sustainable movement that can change how people eat and live, help the environment as well as build and support a stronger community.

Buyer Beware

Local, there is a pretty wide variance in how this term is used. In general it refers to food and other agricultural products that are grown or produced, processed and then sold within a certain area. That area can vary a lot depending on who uses the term. Some set 150 km as a rule, others anything less than 700. Still more allow for an even larger area. So the term is used loosely. While less commonly used this way sometimes, “local” can refer to any food that comes from a farmer committed to environmentally friendly agricultural methods within a “reasonable distance”. This could be as big as your own province or country. The definition really is up to the food merchandiser. Buying local means doing your homework.

Our Meals Are Kawartha Lakes Local

At Kitchen Farmacy when we say local we are proud to say it is food that comes from the Kawartha Lakes area. The food we use is gathered close to home. This means our meals are seasonal, fresh, organic. Every ingredient we use is authentically locally sourced. Our passion truly is farm to table and that is what we deliver, literally.

Eating Local Means Knowing Your Food

We ask questions about our food.  Most of our clients do to.  If you are not asking questions about your food, you might be surprised with what you are really putting in your mouth.

Many of our customers come to us because they have started asking questions about their food.  Others, have not thought too much about why local matters and just enjoy the delicious meals Chef Josh prepares. At Kitchen Farmacy we think “big picture” about our food. We want to know where it came from.  We want to know how it was grown and processed.  We question if we can trust the makers of the food and want to build relationships with the people who interact with us. We want to know how our food producers are using their land and if their food is sustainable.  We don’t want food to waste gas in travel or waste in packaging. 

When you eat local you really know your food. Living local really gives you knowledge about your own food system.  It is about having a food system that is transparent, that builds communities and preserves farmland.

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Eating Local Builds Community

It is incredible how an idea can build a community and this is definitely the case with local food. The movement for local food has given rise to many food related enterprises in the Kawartha Lakes area area.  In the past local organic foods were not widely available to consumers in an easy to eat way. Now, Farmers are specializing in the growth of seasonal organic produce and livestock, networks of farmers markets are thriving, small grocers are popping up to sell local organic fare. Small entrepreneurial businesses, such as Kitchen Farmacy, are beginning to provide local organic food to the community. The more the community understands and commits to eating local food the more small businesses come into existence to fill their needs.  

Eating Local Sustains Ethical Businesses

Since the launch, Kitchen Farmacy has developed a community of trusted suppliers for our local and seasonal ingredients.  These relationships keep the eating local community strong, not only for our business, but all of their businesses as well.  We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with your food by reading about our suppliers and taking advantage of the goodness they have to offer through their own businesses. 

Eating Local Makes Farm to Table Sustainable

When it comes right down to it eating local, is about knowing your food and trusting the people who make it. Eating local keeps your food system transparent so you can eat healthy. Sustaining local eating allows the big-picture of growing a community that provides farm to table. Kitchen Farmacy is a big picture thinker and we are here to make it easier for you to be too.

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